Guitar World Prohands VIA Exercisers Giveaway

Grand Prize:
Prohands VIA Exerciser
Expiration Date:
March 10, 2014
Approx. Value:
Prohands VIA Exerciser


Guitar World and Prohands have teamed up to give away 50 Prohands VIA Hand Exercisers for musicians!

Designed for musicians looking to build hand strength or warm up before a performance, the VIA hand and finger exerciser is an ideal accessory for musicians of all instruments and caliber.

Exercising with Prohands is the most efficient and effective way to maintain the health, dexterity, strength, conditioning and flexibility of the hand. The Via works each finger independently so your stronger fingers can’t compensate for weaker ones.

VIA is the entry level exerciser designed with musicians in mind. It has a round, soft look, wider finger pistons for smoother function & improved finger performance.

Sponsored by Guitar World
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